Who we are:

E3 is a unit within the Department of Basic Education.  Its mandate is to train and support teachers in their changing role of preparing learners for the 21st century life after school.  This is done through pivoting the nature of teaching towards more learner-centred, inquiry and problem-based learning via project and play-based teaching.  See www.ecubed-dbe.org for more information.

Why we need help:

E3’s mandate is to change the direction of teaching and learning in SA so that learners are prepared to engage meaningfully in life after school by being educated, employable, and/or entrepreneurs.  This will be achieved by changing pedagogy in schools to use multi-faceted projects as vehicles for delivering authentic education that connects what learners learn in school to real-world issues, problems, and applications as per the aims and principles of the CAPS document so that they emerge as solution-seeking entrepreneurials. E3 works in all provinces through the DBE to advocate for and educate all key stakeholders and implementors in these integrated pedagogies.  This requires a carefully designed and excellently implemented communications strategy in order to be able to achieve this massive change management mandate.

What we want:

E3 requires the expertise of someone who is able to carry the supremely responsible role of advocating for and communicating a change of system in education in the country.  This involves in depth knowledge of the education sector, expertise in communications strategies and tactics, and the ability to find pragmatic solutions to how best to communicate effectively to all of E3’s many stakeholders.

What this person should bring to E3:

  • Demonstrated communications experience
  • Demonstrated communications expertise
  • Understanding of and experience in the education sector in SA
  • Demonstrated ability to understand a range of stakeholder types
  • Demonstrated ability to design appropriate communication channels to a range of stakeholder types
  • The ability and willingness to be part of a small start-up team that does everything from strategy to the smallest of tasks when the situation calls
  • The ability to work in a small dynamic team and with the Department of Basic Education
  • The willingness to subscribe to and activate the E3 values namely: pioneering; entrepreneurial; everyone is welcome; a spirit of abundance and generosity; utilise exponential leverage; never be jaded; promote fun and joy in meaning; celebrate religiously.

What should you do if you are interested:

Send an expression of interest to info@ecubed-dbe.org.

E3 will provide further a more detailed Job Description and begin a dialogue to establish a win-win fit.

Please respond by 16 October 2020.