Who we are:

E3 is a unit within the Department of Basic Education.  Its mandate is to train and support teachers in their changing role of preparing learners for the 21st century life after school.  This is done through pivoting the nature of teaching towards more learner-centred, inquiry and problem-based learning via project-based teaching.  See www.ecubed-dbe.org for more information.

Why we need help:

E3 has established a TeacherConnect digital platform that is part of the overall strategy towards supporting teachers by providing opportunities to communicate, provide information and provide professional development opportunities.

What we want:

E3 is looking for an expert in education, the ecosystem surrounding teachers and  project-based learning who is able to create support systems that ensure that teachers, SMTs, learners and parents are able to communicate, be informed and access resources activated through the TeacherConnect platform.  This position is initially for one year.

What this person should bring to E3:

  • Deep knowledge of the education sector and its key players
  • Experience of project-based learning
  • The ability to synthesise support structures and plan an implementation strategy to make these accessible to teachers
  • the ability to work in a small dynamic team and with the Department of Basic Education

What should you do if you are interested:

Send an expression of interest to info@ecubed-dbe.org.

E3 will provide further a more detailed Job Description and begin a dialogue to establish a win-win fit.

Please respond by 3 August 2020.