Episode: 15

Guest: Katleho Paballo Makupu – Manager at Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services

Nam’Ngiyakhona Podcast Episode 15: If it’s going to be – it’s up to me.

Nam’Ngiyakhona is the podcast by the E-cubed Initiative of the Department of Education, that is inspiring young people in South Africa to be entrepreneurial. Creating millennial entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurials!

What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? We bring you incredible young people from across the country that are innovating, impacting, and disrupting their space for a better country and world. They are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, entertainers and academic trailblazers and they are here to share their journey and tell us how they have been entrepreneurial.

This week we sat with, Katleho Paballo Makupu who is a consulting actuary and manager at EY Global Consulting, a technical member of the Actuarial Society and an award-winning philanthropist. She holds a BSc Actuarial Science Degree (cum laude) as well as a BSc Honors in Actuarial Science.Her many accolades include the Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans, TedX University of South Africa speaker, Carrol Boyes Fabulous Girl Foundation’s Girl of the Year, CEO Global’s Pan Africa award for Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business, the Youth Service and Excellence award as well as Youth Philanthropist award from the Gauteng Premier and the Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals’ Inkanyezi award.

Makupu values the ability to be flexible, as well as learning, adapting and growing. She wants to use her experience to provide a platform for aspiring female professionals while mentoring and preparing them to take on leadership positions.

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