SA Teen Entrepreneur recognizes that youth need to play a more significant role in the growth and prosperity of the South African economy and therefore aims to cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across the country.

The SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust, organised the COVID-19 Global High Schools Idea Challenge – the competition targeted teenagers and challenged them come up with innovative solutions to social and economic issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The E3 Programme collaborated with SA Teen Entrepreneur to recognize the learners who stepped up to the challenge.

Meet the top three winners:

No 1:
Name: Lindiwe Maqusha
Idea: Using teens to buy for the elderly

No 2:
Name: Mpho Chinowa
Idea: Making masks for the community

No 3:
Name: Kreeti Panday
Idea: Masks for children size.

Well done to the winners! Agency is power!