Learners, you are the team players of tomorrow’s revolution

One could say that the possibilities would be endless!

Imagine the world you could create if you and your peers left school with the skills you need to fulfil your dreams, the attributes you need to achieve success, combined with the knowledge you acquired through the CAPS curriculum. With these three essential components, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine leaving school with both a solution-seeking mindset and the ability to recognise opportunities; think what kind of future you could create if you took these and applied them to solving the problems society faces.

Join us and embark on The Road To Agency

The Road To Agency

Through being actively engaged in these learning processes you are able to gain these 21st Century Competencies: that are essential for your future success:

  • CHARACTER: Citizenship, curiosity and resilience
  • THINKING: Creativity, critical thinking, reasoning
  • CONNECTION: Collaboration, communication, empathy

With each of these skills areas, combined with the knowledge taught in the CAPS, you can thrive on the Road to Agency. You will be equipped with everything you need to succeed in your future endeavours. Imagine what you and your generation can achieve with these tools for success in your hands. Imagine what you can do together. Reimagine a future that you can create with today’s problems solved.

Inspiration from Buyane Primary School

Situated in an area between informal settlements and government housing, Buyane Primary School was one of the first schools selected to be part of the E3 pilot program and has since become a pioneer school in implementing Project-based Learning. The teachers created projects through which learners devised sustainable ideas from recycled materials. Through the manufacture of hats, glasses, bracelets and many other items, the learners quickly learned critical thinking skills that have allowed them to become more self-reliant, creative, confident, and collaborative. The project was awarded R10 000 and the 3rd place in the Eskom Entrepreneurship Education Competition. This demonstrates how effective active learning can be.

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