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Minister Motshekga recieves R1 million donation from the People’s Republic of China for Covid-19 relief efforts.

SA Dept of Basic Education Launch HealthCheck on Innovative New WhatsApp Platform

Pretoria, (September, 08, 2020): The Department of Basic Education and E³ have launched the COVID-19 digital pre-screening, risk assessment and mapping tool HealthCheck on the newly launched platform TeacherConnect.

Today is a most auspicious day in the life of E³

The Minister of Basic Education held a press conference in Pretoria on 8 September where she announced the new E³ TeacherConnect WhatsApp chat-based learning platform.

GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Young Entrepreneurship Membership Portal is live

It is the ultimate membership community for those that are teaching entrepreneurship, financial literacy & employability skills. Young Entrepreneurs is giving educators access to years and years of development.

Learners innovate in COVID-19

SA Teen Entrepreneur recognizes that youth need to play a more significant role in the growth and prosperity of the South African economy and therefore aims to cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across the country.

Grab the Opportunity – Keep Learners engaged!

COVID-19 has thrown a curved ball at us all and although this presents challenges, it also opens the door to exciting new opportunities.

Enter the Teacher Agency Award

To reward you for being awesome! You have shown that you care, that you have found a solution to a problem that helps others and that you have just gone ahead and made it happen. 

E3 Conquering unemployment!

The goal of tackling and bringing unemployment to a close is rather a lofty goal, one that may sound all too ambitious for some.

Engaging with the environment, the E3 way…

Buyane Primary, Mpumalanga, was one of the first schools selected to be part of the E3 pilot program.

Michael Fullen: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Michael Fullen is one of the high masters in the world of Active Learning Pedagogies. Here he describes the 6 Cs and their value in the curriculum. E3 used a similar approach in implementing these new pedagogies by focusing on the links between the education department and schools at a grassroots level.

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