To our November edition of Ignite! Here you’ll find a full recap of the National Teaching Awards that took place in October as well as interviews with some of the esteemed winners. Let’s celebrate them!

Editorial: The Role of the Teacher in Building a Nation: Celebrating this year’s winners of the National Teaching Awards

The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Teachers have a vital role in nation-building because our future is totally in their hands. They choose to be the fortune builders of the country and if you really want to know how important teachers are for their country, try imagining a nation without them. It will only be a nation of utter chaos where nobody would step up to make sure the kids get the best education and the knowledge to sustain a good and healthy life. The nation will no longer be able to progress and the population will be sick. 



There are many misconceptions about teachers. One is that teachers only work half-day and that they get three months of holiday every year. Another is the century-old, often used George Bernard Shaw quote from his stage play, Man and Superman. He said that “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, and he was wrong. Both these ideas are without merit.

Teachers enable just about every existing profession. Teachers inspire people to embark on their next steps into the world. Were it not for the passion of teachers, every other profession would be a barren arena begging for takers.

Generally speaking, teachers work longer hours than people do in a number of other professions. Most teachers go home, often after an afternoon of extramural supervision, to mark piles of homework and classwork—and often at the expense of their own families. Due to Covid-19, teachers have had to find a way to balance the numerous demands and protocols imposed by the pandemic while still trying to be an inspiration to their learners and peers.  

Like in every other profession, there are teachers who stand out head and shoulders above all others. Those are the ones Kimon Phitidis calls “can-do teachers” in his book, “Where Light Shines Through”. 

 He interviewed sixteen past recipients of the Department of Basic Education’s annual National Teaching Awards.  He found that “can-do” teachers exhibit common characteristics;  care, resilience, a willingness to evolve, agency, bringing hope and drive. 

These connect with our own E3 mindset that teachers model when implementing successful Playful Project-based Learning.  It will be no surprise then to know that E3 has become one of the funders of the National Teaching Awards (NTA). We recognise that teachers are at the heart of nation-building, and as a team, we want to see every teacher in the country shine with these competencies.

October was National and International teachers’ month, and as teachers are at the heart of E3, we have decided to devote the entire newsletter to the National Teaching Awards to celebrate a brilliant teacher and two excellent school leaders; educators who are walking the talk.

At the core of the E3 programme, is the development of skills and competencies for the 21st Century such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

Learners who have been educated by these teachers and leaders will be prepared to take on a new world as a result of their dedication. 


All the work streams in the E3 team have been active over the past month and we are very pleased to share our progress with you. This is our favourite time of the year when projects are being implemented and we learn about how teachers are progressing.

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