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Advice, tips and tools from those who know best – you!

Ready to unlock the wonders of curiosity in your classroom? Encourage your own curiosity as a Teacher, celebrate questions and discoveries, start lessons with thought-provoking queries, and inspire Learners to explore beyond the classroom with these awesome tips.


Four Tips to Create a Curious Classroom:


Embrace Curiosity: Let your own curiosity and excitement for learning shine through. When you share your questions and enthusiasm, Learners see that curiosity is normal. This makes them feel at ease asking questions too. When you show that it’s okay not to have all the answers, Learners feel more confident asking without worrying about being judged or criticised.


Encourage and celebrate curiosity: Create a special spot in your classroom where you and your Learners can display questions, answers, and exciting discoveries. Consider using a blank flip chart as a graffiti wall – your Learners will enjoy contributing to it. When a set time is up, take a moment to recognise and share the contents of the old sheet before putting up a fresh one.


Begin with a Question: Kick-off every lesson with an intriguing question that connects your subject to real-life situations. For instance, if you’re a maths Teacher teaching algebra, you could ask, “How do you build a skateboard ramp?”. This instantly makes the topic come alive, adding relevance and sparking curiosity and interest among your Learners.


Welcome Questions: Encourage questions beyond the classroom. Invite Learners to jot down their questions in a journal and continue seeking answers. These queries can even become part of the graffiti wall, fostering a culture of curiosity and exploration.


Which of these four have you tried, or will you try next? Join us in TeacherConnectlounge to share experiences and reflect on what has worked well – and what you would do differently next time!