From the classroom

Advice, tips and tricks from those who know best!

As you prepare for the third term projects, some teachers – who did this work last year – shared what they would tell themselves if they were to start over.* 

  • Start sooner: Three out of five teachers said they left their planning and start dates too late.  They shared that they would get started on their projects earlier.  
  • Involve parents: Two out of five teachers said they would involve parents in some way.  Parents can be supportive if they know how and why their help is needed, and how it would benefit the children in their care.
  • Use project-based learning in other learning areas: One in five teachers said they would take the theory they have gained through their training with E3 and use it in the other subjects that they teach.
  • Customise the project documents: Almost one in ten teachers said they would take the project content and adapt it to their own context for the benefit of their own learners.  
  • Involve other teachers: Two out of twenty-five teachers said they would involve other teachers in their grade to collaborate and/or to share what they have learned. 

*Note: These tips are based on coach reports from a small sample in 2021

If you would like to engage with other teachers on some of these topics, feel free to join our Open Office sessions every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm on TeacherConnectcommunity.