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This month, we have three tips to share with you that will help create a more positive and iterative classroom experience for you and your learners:


  1. Many children, especially quieter ones, are too shy to speak up – This first tip helps give those learners a voice. Give every child in your class a pair of small cards in red or green and assign a coding system to them that works for you. Red means, “I am lost, I don’t understand” and the green one means, “I understand, and I am good to go”. Tell the learners that if they are struggling to understand, they can hold the card up – easily without anyone else knowing – to let you know where they are with their understanding. You can then see at a glance how the class is doing. And don’t forget; this is an excellent opportunity to iterate on the system. Encourage your learners to reflect on their understanding and adjust as needed. This will help you plan your lessons better and point to areas where your learners may need more support. Keep refining and watch how it helps all your learners thrive!
  2. Encourage iteration in your classroom by involving your learners in the responsibility of making the class a better place – It could be anything from organising the classroom library to cleaning the board. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your learners and collaborate on ways to improve the classroom experience. By continuously reviewing and refining this system, you can work together as a team to make your classroom the best it can be!
  3. Give project-based learning a go, and don’t be afraid to iterate as you go along – it may feel overwhelming at first, but remember that iteration is key to success in the classroom. Once you have done the 👉 online course, start small with a work sample and test it out with your learners. Use the feedback from your learners or make your own notes to make adjustments and improvements. These are what some teachers have shared with us about their project-based learning training,
    • “The first time is the hardest, but I promise you, it gets easier.”
    • “Project-Based Learning has brought happiness back to my classroom.”

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