Teacher Support

At the end of February, the E3 team worked with the 2022 trainers to prepare for the training offered to the 108 deep research schools and to provide the provincial trainers with a refresher.

After that, the provincial teams have worked with the E3 team to set final training dates at these schools and we are delighted to report that in-person training has started, with the North West province being the first province to kick off theirs.  

The Area Coordinator for the North West, Kirwan Strydom, was at the training – which, at that time, was still underway.  “It is exciting to see how the teachers have come out during their holidays to join the training with optimism and enthusiasm,” he said, “And it was evident to me that the teachers feel respected by their communities.”

The team sees the response from the teachers as a sign of their commitment to their own development as well as to benefit their learners.  Kirwan highlighted the report from one teacher who said they are very happy to be a teacher at this point, with these changes coming into the classroom, and as a result, they are looking forward to this year.  He added that the trainers delivered training of a high standard and the teachers have been very positive in their responses.  He also said, “It is a very exciting time and 2022 is a wonderful year to look forward to.”

We will give your further updates from other provinces in the next newsletter – watch this space!

Provincial News

As part of the deeper support process offered by E3 this year, the team has been expanded.  We are delighted to let you know that as of April we have a full team.


The core leadership team is supported by three area coordinators, each taking responsibility for three provinces, one of which is the province that they champion.  There are six other people who are each responsible for one of the other two provinces per area.  In the next newsletter, we will introduce the provincial teams to you.