Project-based learning: What’s in it for teachers

What if you could walk into your classroom on any given day and the childrens’ faces immediately light up with anticipation?  What if they couldn’t wait to start their work and were fully engaged with what they are learning?  What if homework was always done first and the learners were always asking for more?

What if the children were interested in what you were sharing with them and they were actively engaged in your classroom activities to such an extent that you were the envy of other teachers? What if you could easily track how your learners were gaining valuable and essential 21st-Century skills at the same time that you were covering the CAPS?  

What if, in your classroom, the word discipline were less about punishment and more about the way people develop skills through repetition?  What if you were to immediately have your learners more engaged and less disruptive? This is where project-based learning and a caring and enabling S.P.E.C.I.A.L learning environment come in.

In project-based learning, learners work together to solve real life, authentic problems. This happens best when learners feel safe to make mistakes and learn from these (the caring environment) and when the classroom is S.P.E.C.I.A.L.. When learners have opportunities to Socially Interact, understand the Purpose, Enjoy the lesson, have opportunities to explore their Curiosity and to Iterate, they are Actively Engaged and have Learner Autonomy.  

Project-based learning is not “another add-on” to your overflowing plate;  it is about restructuring what is already on your plate to make things more manageable and help you ease some of the cumbersome burdens of your daily and weekly tasks. 

One thing that teachers often tell us is that they have no time to implement projects or that they take too long.  Using the templates provided you can see using project-based learning makes it possible to cover content easily and the benefit is that learners will be more engaged and find it easier to learn.  Furthermore, the assessment process is easy to implement! 

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