ParentConnect is a doorway for parents to support learners on their learning journey.

ParentConnect is an exciting opportunity for all parents to be able to communicate and have access to information as they observe and support their children on their learning expedition. ParentConnect will include information and resources about the curriculum and projects that will help their children in their schooling and life-long learning journey.

Parents! You are in a perfect position to help us reach our vision: that 100% of learners complete school and are able to carry themselves into adulthood and beyond. This addresses our compelling goal of reducing youth unemployment.

We have the vision of mobilizing parents so that they are aware of, know about and enthusiastically support their children, the teacher and the schools to implement the E3 model and Project Based Learning to activate 21st century skills and competencies. We hope to make you active partners in the learning journey. We need you to help us connect with the real world and create authentic learning experiences for our children so that they develop 21st Century competencies, awareness of their roles as citizens and to make them curious and resilient.

We hope that you can work closely with teachers and become equal, active partners to create a worthwhile future for the youth of this country. We hope you will become real partners in changing both teaching and learning. Assist your children to participate actively in our projects and join us at the public events to celebrate their success. We need to join hands to profile the value of education and model life-long learning.

We live in challenging times and it is important to support focused learning at home and keep the flame of learning alive. You can create a rich, informal learning environment at home and have fun. Keep connected to our ParentConnect platform for ideas. Be part of our drive to activate communities around learners and create a positive environment for learning in the home. Learners need connection to keep them focused on their learning journey.

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