No one better defines this than our sponsors and partners, stretching out their hands to help support the future nation. Their ongoing support has allowed us to reach further in our aim of inspiring learners to do more and take their studies to the next level. With their contributions and extending of learning opportunities, our imagined hope of effective eco-systems within and around the schools continues to become a reality.

Do what you can with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

Core Partners

We acknowledge the contribution of our two core partners, Care for Education and New Leaders FoundatIon (NLF) who share our vision and play a key role in the helping us reach our goals.

New Leaders Foundation (NLF)

Unlocking excellence in education across South Africa!

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Care For Education

Stimulating and activating the development of the children of our nation!

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Eco-system Partners

Meet our eco-system partners who help us to inspire dreams and develop young people to become the authors of their own destiny, whilst enabling them to develop the skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life, through practical entrepreneurship education.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks offers entrepreneurship courses to students who wish to enterprise their skills and ideas. 

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Teach Children to Save

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Activating responsible citizens through effective environmental education!

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Partners for Possibility

Empowering others to become change leaders in their schools and communities!

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Inspiring young individuals to take ownership of their own future!

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Inspiring the youth of tomorrow through engagement with  socially relatable entrepreneurs.

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Allan Gray Enterprise Challenge (AGEC)

Cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets amongst young South African learners!

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On The Ball College

Nurturing and helping to build future entrepreneurial thinkers with a backbone for technology!

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SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation

Promoting entrepreneurial thinking in learners across our great nation!

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Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

TLT shares our vision of unlocking the potential of our youth through engaging activity-based education.

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The Startup Hatchery

Motivating and inspiring student teachers to develop entrepreneurial mindsets!

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Water Explorer & Global Search for Sustainable Schools

Making every drop count by fostering  proactive citizens who care about their environment!

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Young Entrepreneurs

Helping to build winning mindsets for the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

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Teach A Man To Fish

Empowering the youth with the skills to succeed in school and beyond!

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Learners innovate in COVID-19

SA Teen Entrepreneur recognizes that youth need to play a more significant role in the growth and prosperity of the South African economy and therefore aims to cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across the country.

The SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust, organised the COVID-19 Global High Schools Idea Challenge - the competition targeted teenagers and challenged them come up with innovative solutions to social and economic issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The E3 Programme collaborated with SA Teen Entrepreneur to recognize the learners who stepped up to the challenge.

Well done to the winners! Agency is power!

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