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Imagine a world where teaching and learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom and learners are exposed to a multitude of authentic real world learning experiences that activate valuable skills and competencies. We see the importance of collaborating with a variety of partners to build these supportive eco-systems around schools. The ongoing support of our partners has allowed us to create expanded learning opportunities in and around schools that excite and inspire learners. Meet our partners who are working in DBE schools and share our vision of striving to bring 21st century skills into the pedagogy, both in class and out.

Core partners

The E3 programme is delivered in partnership with following core partners, Care for Education (CfE), Community Individual Development Association (CIDA), the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) and New Leaders Foundation. (NLF). Each partner brings particular expertise that contributes to the reaching of our goals.

Eco-system Partners

We recognise the importance of building supportive eco-systems to reach our goals by engaging with a variety of partners. At E3 we believe that in order to build entrepreneurial 21st century solution-seeking mindsets we need to collaborate with partners who share our vision. Meet our eco-system partners.

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
Building Blocks
On The Ball College
Partners for Possibility
SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation
The Startup Hatchery
Teach A Man To Fish
Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
Water Explorer & Global Search for Sustainable Schools
Young Entrepreneurs

Funding Partners

We thank our funders for their contributions towards helping us reach our vision.

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