Episode: 1

Guest: Nithen Naidoo, Founder of Snode

Nam’Ngiyakhona Podcast Episode 1: If it’s going to be – it’s up to me

Nam’Ngiyakhona is the podcast by the E-cubed Programme of the Department of Education, that is inspiring young people in South Africa to be entrepreneurial. Creating millennial entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurials!. What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? We bring you young people from across the country that are innovating, impacting and disrupting their space for a better country. They are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, entertainers and academic trailblazers and they are here to share their journey and how they have been entrepreneurial.

This week our host Buntu Majaja connected with Nithen Naidoo, CEO and Founder of Snode Technologies.

Nithen Naidoo is an information security expert with over 15 years’ experience in providing specialist defence solutions to clients across the globe. It is this experience that enabled him to establish and grow Snode into one of the country’s top global cybersecurity businesses. Nithen holds a degree in Computer Science, CISSP ITIL and N-Powered Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE). Through his comprehensive knowledge of security tools, technologies, methodologies and best practices, he has tailored cyber defence solutions to clients in America, Ireland, England, Germany, UAE, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, Peru and Egypt.

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