Dear Colleagues

Please take note that the Department has made changes to the current daily screening process in order to expedite the entry into the building whilst not compromising the quality of this important safety procedure.

You can now conduct your pre-screening in comfort and confidentially, before arriving at the office using the WhatsApp ‘HealthCheck’ solution on the ‘TeacherConnect’ application.

TeacherConnect is a secure DBE application that is zero-rated on all networks (except Cell C). Discussions with Cell C are underway for zero-rating.

To do your daily COVID-19 self-assessment with ‘HealthCheck’, here is the process:

  • Save the number 0600 60 33 33 in your contacts. Then WhatsApp “Check” to this number (0600 60 33 33) and follow the prompts.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • You will receive your dated, risk-level result/receipt which is valid for 24hours. This means that you can conduct your pre-screening the night before, or in the morning before leaving home.
  • At the screening in the Conference Centre, show your green receipt to the screening official.
  • They will then take your temperature. If your temperature is not raised, you may then access the building.

If you receive an amber or a red receipt, you may not enter the building and should seek medical attention.TeacherConnect has many helpful resources and advice on what to do, and where to get further help.

DBE Staff must note that the Department relies heavily on each official to provide accurate and truthful responses to the questionnaire daily. Take the time to consider each question carefully.

If you experience symptoms, kindly indicate so on the questionnaire and let your supervisor know that you are experiencing symptoms. Stay at home until it clears up.

Mr JSF Visser
Compliance Officer

Dr. F Kumalo
Chairperson: Health and Safety Committee